About us

Everinghams Inc. was established by Nigel Everingham in 1997 in Cape Town, South Africa, as a specialist law firm providing expert advice and litigation services to clients in the field of insurance law and practice. The firm is now recognised, both nationally and internationally, as a leading insurance law practice and provides expert services in a wide range of fields including general liability, product liability, construction and engineering law, pensions, and financial services.

Our client base includes leading insurance companies, underwriting managers, intermediaries, consultants and individuals operating within the insurance environment. Through our involvement in complex insurance cases we have contributed to the development of insurance law in South Africa, which is evident from various judgments of our Courts in which important principles of law were interpreted. We strive to fulfil our clients’ needs by seeking to attain the highest standards of legal service and by achieving solutions which are beneficial and cost-effective. Through our dedicated and motivated team, both professional and administrative, we share a common vision in pursuing excellence of service for the benefit of our clients.

Everinghams team