Tips for CAs on applying to a Law Firm

Tips for CA's on applying to a Law Firm

Dear Applicants for CA positions in 2016.

Here are a few friendly tips when sending your CV through to the HR department of a law firm:

1. If you are going to copy and paste the same email to hundreds of law firms, make sure you check the details of the firm that you are sending to before you press the send button. If you cant read simple details of an email its not a good start to your detail checking in cases.

2. Do not put all the email addresses of the hundreds of firms that you are applying to in the "To:" column of an email. We do not want to see how many places you have applied to. We want to feel special. Thats what the BCC column is for - it wont show the email addresses.

3. Try and grab the attention of the reader in your email. We read through HUNDREDS of CV's. Be unique.

4. Make sure your documents are attached before pressing send ( yes this does happen).

Applications for Candidate Attorneys for Everinghams Attorneys will open August 2015. You can email to submit your CV


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