Same Sex Marriage Finally Legalised in the US

Same Sex Marriage Finally Legalised in the US

If you have been hiding under a rock the last couple of days and don't yet know, the US made history on the 26th of June and finally legalise same-sex marriages. South Africa has been ahead in the game for a while now, having legalised same sex marriages since the 30 November 2006. The decision of the Constitutional Court in the case of Minister of Home Affairs v Fourie on 1 December 2005 extended the common-law definition of marriage to include same-sex spouses—as the Constitution of South Africa guarantees equal protection before the law to all citizens regardless of sexual orientation—and gave Parliament one year to rectify the inequality in the marriage statutes (thanks Wiki!). 

There are many strong optinions out there on same sex marriages, mostly personal, hitting close to home for individuals who were not allowed this right as well as for those who believe in equality for all. But did you know that the ban of same sex marriages also had an effect on the private sector? Read more from Robert E. Moritz on why this was, and why businesses such as PwC are relieved that this ban is finally over


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