Practice specialisation

Our legal practice is generally engaged in the problem-solving business, looking after our clients’ practical and economic interests in the endeavour to resolve disputes. Although we specialise in insurance law, with focused litigation experience, we assist clients with a diversity of matters covering various areas and branches of the law, including: 

  • Personal Injury and medical malpractice
  • Professional negligence and indemnity including officers and trustees liability
  • Construction, engineering and plant cover
  • Pension Funds
  • Sectional Title including homeowners and body corporate disputes
  • Transit and cargo liability
  • Third-Party Recoveries
  • Policy interpretation and claims management
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Labour Law

We attend to disputes proceeding in various forums including the Courts, arbitration, mediation and conciliation proceedings before adjudicators, commissioners and Ombudsman.  We have the right of appearance in Magistrate, Regional and High Court actions.