Social responsibility

Everinghams Inc. have made significant social contributions in many ways, including the employment and training of previously disadvantaged individuals, and the rendering of pro bono legal services to impecunious persons. 

Everinghams Inc. is proud to offer financial assistance to a young pupil from a disadvantaged background who is interested in pursuing a career in law. Everinghams will be providing both moral and monetary support to this promising young learner to ensure that he has the full opportunity to qualify as a lawyer in due course. Everinghams is a BEE exempt company and subscribes to the principles of transformation within the legal industry. 

Social responisiblity

Everinghams Inc. recently commenced a project called Sandwich Friday, which was inspired by 67 minutes of giving back on Mandela Day. One Friday a month employees of Everinghams gather in their lunch break to make sandwiches and then take the sandwiches to those who are homeless in the surrounding areas. It’s a fun team building experience and helps gives something to those less fortunate than ourselves.